Year 1 Home Learning Friday 27th March 2020

Friday’s are usually our spelling test day in Year 1. Can you have a little spelling test of your own on this weeks spellings? Make sure mummy or daddy cover the words and try your best.

Why not keep us updated on your spelling test score? We would love to hear how you got on!

Please email your spelling score to Mrs Goodwin or Mrs Lee as they would love to hear them from you too. You can do this on your PurpleMash 2email accounts. Simply type 2email into the PurpleMash search bar. You will find Mrs Goodwin and Mrs Lee’s email address in the address book.

We sent out a paper copy of next weeks spellings for all groups last week. They will be dated on the top of the sheet. Attached are copies should you need them.

Keep up the great work.

Year 1 spellings Spring Week 11 suffix ed

AL spellings Spr2 Wk5 (ear)

CG spellings Spr2 Wk 5 a-e