Year 2 Home Learning- Wednesday 1st July

Hello Year 2!

Here are today’s activities.

Spellings – This week’s spellings are a recap of the days of the week. For today’s activity, we would like you to play the roll the dice game.

📒 Literacy – Today’s task can be found on BBC Bitesize and looks at Curly Caterpillar Letters and Apostrophes. Head over to the BBC website where you will find some activities to complete.

 Maths – Today’s Maths activity is a continuation of the White Rose work and looks at measure. Today’s challenge looks at comparing volume.

The worksheet can be found here:


The answers can be found here:


Afternoon activities – This week’s theme is Growth Mindset.


Click on the links here to find out more!

Home Schooling Growth Mindset Week

You can access links and videos to learn more about what having a Growth Mindset is! There is a variety of activities we’d like you to try this week which links to Growth Mindset and there are also other activities you can try! See the links below!

We look forward to the children of Newdale adopting a Growth Mindset over the week and training your brain to think positively for the future too!

Files you will need:

KS1 I want to be               Not Yet but I will

Growth Mindset poster              t2-inc-4-i-am-an-amazing-person-activity-sheet_ver_1



When you complete an activity please upload them to the Year 2 homework blog for us all to see :)

We look forward to seeing your wonderful work!

Miss Newport and Miss Jones 👩‍🦰👧🏼