Year 2 Spelling activity – Thursday 14th January

Hi all,

Todays spelling activity is the ‘Dice Bingo’ game. Most of you will have played this before but here is a recap of how to play just in case you’ve forgotten.

1) Print off a bingo board for each player (each player’s board looks the same).

dice phonics game – homophones 6 words dice phonics game – homophones 8 words dice phonics game – homophones 11 words

Remember to choose the board that matches your number of spellings for this week.

2)Take turns to roll the dice (if you don’t have a dice then I have attached a link below to an online one).

3)Whichever number you roll, you read the word next to that number on your board, highlight it or colour it in and then copy the word on the line underneath. It is then the next players turn.

4)If you roll a number that has been rolled before then read the next word along on the same line.

5)The winner is the first person to colour a line going either across or down. Remember to shout BINGO!

Please email a photo of your work to ‘’ or post on the school website year 2 homework blog. We’d love to see who won!