Year 4 assembly

We had a blast sharing our celebration assembly with our families. What was your favourite bit?

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  1. My favourite part was when we were singing. I also enjoyed when the dancers were dancing to the Anglo-Saxon music. We also enjoyed when we put on the moustaches. ._.

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  2. My favourite part was when we turned round and we have the moustache’s on because all of the parent laughed and it was sooooooooo funny. :)

  3. My favourite part was when i got to talk about all the wonderful things we have done this year! And i will love to do more. My favourite one was when we got to go on the bug hunt

  4. Me and Poppy really enjoyed our assembly of Queen. We especially enjoyed when we sang We are the champions with our moustaches on

  5. My favourite part was when i got to speak about all of the wonderful things we did this year! My favourite thing i did was go on the bug hunt with Bryony.

  6. i loved all the songs and it was funny when all the parents giggled at us when we put are moustaches on it was soooooooooo funny , i also loved we will we will rock you…..

  7. This was great fun and my favourite part is when everyone turned around and put on the fury moustaches.The assembly was great and my favourite thing was when we sang and put up our posters.

  8. Thank you,for all your help with the assembly.We really liked the singing.Me and Joseph sang our heart out to WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!!!!!.We loved it at the end.WE hope that we can do it again sometime.If we can we will be so happy

  9. My favourite part was when we sang we will rock you and when we put on our hairy, charcoal black moustache’s .Also sharing my artwork of Freddie Mercury.

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