A fantastic STEM week 🎖🎖

The Year 1 pupils have all made us so proud this week. They have completed 4 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) challenges over the week and shown incredible determination and resilience with the problems they have faced! We have been so impressed with their inquisitive minds and are sure we have some budding engineers in our class!

Year 1’s Nature Walk 🌿🌱🌳🌲

Year 1 really enjoyed their Nature Walk yesterday afternoon – and the rain certainly didn’t stop us from having fun and exploring the local nature. We spotted lots of different types of trees and discussed whether we thought they were ‘evergreen’ or ‘deciduous’ – using the main characteristics of their leaves.

Can you remember what ‘evergreen’ and ‘deciduous’ mean?

Fun with Phonics in Year 1…

We really enjoyed practising some extra phonics this afternoon. We focussed on different ways of making an ‘oo’ sound. We read lots of different words and found their matching pictures, we also had a go at writing some different ‘oo’ words. We sorted words into real or nonsense.

How many different ways of making an ‘oo’ sound can you remember?

Year 1 Spellings – Week Beginning 26.04.21

Hi Year 1,

Here are your spellings for this week. Please don’t forget that we will now be having our spelling tests on Friday mornings, so your test for these words will be on Friday 30th April. Good luck!

Miss McCullagh’s and Miss Broadhurst’s groups:

Year 1 Spellings Summer 1 Week 2

Mrs Goodwin’s Group:

Year 1 spellings Wk 2 ur ow

Mrs Lee’s Group:

Mrs Lee Summer 1 Week 2