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Update from Miss Cook

29.4.21 update

Dear Parents/Carers,

I have not heard back from the authorities as yet and so can not update as much as I would have hoped.

As I have said previously, I will be on site before 7am tomorrow to meet a Health and Safety leader. We will assess the situation then and immediately update you. Everything hinges on the weather.

I think it is likely that we will open, but it would be wise to have a plan b in place just in case. I know this is not at all ideal and apologise for that.

This I’m sure will be the last day of uncertainty for us all.

Many thanks

Miss Cook


Update 29th April 2020

Update 29.4.21

Dear Parents/Carers,

As some of you will see, the plume of smoke is still in existence, but thankfully staying away from us.

I am meeting the Health and Safety council Lead onsite at 7am tomorrow to assess the site again.

The strategic update meeting between the council, health professionals and the fire department is happening now and we will receive some predictive information shortly.

We hope to again be open tomorrow, but as I have said, if smoke changes direction and puts the school as a direct hit, we may need to rethink.

I will update you later today with more probability information when I receive it. We are sorry that we can not give you a 100% straight answer at this time.

Thank you for your understanding.

MIss Cook