Miss Hailey

About Miss Hailey

Hello, I am Miss Hailey one of the Year 1 teachers at Newdale Primary.

Reception Royal Banquet

A reminder that on Monday 11th October, we will be holding our Royal Banquet. Children are invited to bring in a change of clothes for the party in a bag to change into after lunch. This can be a costume, such as a King, Queen, dragon, Knight, etc. or just party clothes if you would prefer. This will be instead of forest school, so you do not need kits for this that day. We will share our photos with you afterwards.

Harvest Celebrations in Reception

In Reception, we have been learning about Harvest. We know that it is a special festival celebrated in Autumn as a thank you for the crops that have been grown this year. As part of our work we have discovered who celebrates Harvest and how. We read ‘The Little Red Hen’ book all about a hard-working hen who grows some wheat and turns it into bread. We then made our own delicious bread. Yum! We learnt some Autumn songs and have enjoyed learning about the Autumn season, looking at typical signs such as the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees. Using both Harvest and Autumn as inspiration, we have completed amazing crafts such as our Red Hen handprints and leaf crowns.

We hope you enjoy our video, where we are so proud to show you all the amazing things we have been up to…


Thank you for the donations to our Harvest Festival back in school.

Thank You

Thank you to the parents and carers of children in Reception who practised getting changed independently as part of our ‘parents as partners’ task this week.
We noticed a big difference in many children this week and it did help greatly. If you could continue to practise regularly, this would be appreciated.

Please keep an eye out for a parent share on Evidence Me of an observation from forest school this week 😊 

Thank you, The Reception Team.

Reception Baseline Assessments

We are really pleased with how well everyone has settled in at school! Everyone is working so hard already.

At the beginning of Reception, as we get to know your child, we will be carrying out an assessment with them, to ensure we recognise their strengths and areas we can help them develop over the year. These assessments are informal and carried out 1:1 with us. We look at a range of activities, including Speaking and Listening, Literacy and Maths skills using lovely resources such as toy bears, pictures, cards and shapes.

We wanted to ensure you are aware of these assessments that are expected to be carried out in the first six weeks of term (which happen in every school) and may also like to read the information booklet attached from the Standards and Testing agency.