Miss Hailey

About Miss Hailey

Hello, I am Miss Hailey one of the Year 1 teachers at Newdale Primary.

Reception Nature Walk 🌷

Today we went on our very first Nature walk and absolutely loved it!
We were so lucky with the weather. It stayed nice and dry for us to have a good walk and explore along the way. We looked for different kinds of tree and looked at how dandelion seeds can be blown and dispersed to create new plants.

Reception Lost Property

As you can see, now it is late spring, we are experiencing both warm and wet weather. Because of this, the children are taking jumpers and cardigans on and off more frequently. Please can you help us by ensuring that their uniform and PE kits are labelled with their name so that we can easily and quickly partner up clothes again with the right person. It can be quite a challenge to man the doors at home time and search for lost belongings at the same time.
We try to encourage the children to hang their jumpers on their peg or the back of their chairs when they take them off, so we would appreciate if you remind them to do this too.
Many thanks,

The Reception Team.

Star of the Week 💫

Congratulations Hannah in our reception class for being this weeks star! Like so many, you have waited patiently for this award because we can only pick one winner per week and we really could pick you every week for your amazing efforts, kindness, and work ethic. Superstar 🌟

Reception Spellings Information

As you know, we have had to change our spelling test days to accommodate the school closures and the guidance in terms of bringing reading diaries into school.

Now we are allowed to bring reading diaries into school daily again, we will now we administering the spelling test on a Friday and resuming our much loved Phonics Bingo Fridays!

Therefore, in Reception the system is now as follows:

¨ Spelling test Friday morning.

¨ New spellings stuck in reading diaries to practise for the whole week in preparation for the test the following week.

Your child will not be tested this Monday due to the Bank Holiday, so you have a few extra days to practise this set of spellings and we will begin this system as of Friday 7th May.

Any questions, please do ask.

Thank you for your support.

The Reception Team.