Year 6 RSE Lesson

Dear Parents/Carers of Year 6.

Next week, year 6 will be having their RSE lesson. If you do not wish for your child to be part of this lesson, please get in touch via the reading diary. If we do not receive communication, then we will assume that consent has been given.

Thank you, Mrs Thomas and Mr McFarland.

Art Day in Year 6

The theme for Art day this year was Art and Geography, celebrating artists from all around the world.

Year 6 had a brilliant Art day, celebrating the work of Katsushika Hokusai, with a particular focus on the Great Wave Off Kanagawa.

We began the day with some map work and researching Japan. We then explored and commented on his work, experimented with hot and cold colours, before creating our own final, chance to shine piece.

Can you spot any Telford landmarks hidden between the waves?

Homework blog update

Just a quick update regarding the Newdale website’s homework blog. After investigating the issue further, there is an issue where the website hasn’t been loading correctly now which has effected the network. The password provided is correct so apologies to anybody who is struggling to upload. We have logged the error with the website provider and await further clarification.

Apologies over any confusion with this.

Many thanks,

Miss Jones

Healthy Lifestyles Week

Next week is a very exciting week at Newdale, Healthy Lifestyles Week! During this week the children will be carrying out a range of sporting activities each day. For this week only, we ask that children wear their PE kit each day so they are prepared. This is for all children from reception to Year 6.