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Dear Choir,

Congratulations on making such a positive start to Choir Club. Your enthusiasm has been fantastic and we have loved starting to get to grips with the vast array of music! You should now have a paper copy of the lyrics.

To practise at home, you can visit and type in the password: YV2021

This will give you access to the lyric videos as well as the fantastic dance tutorials.

Choir members who come prepared will be given extra house points!

Mr Banfield

I am a Newdaler

We have been amazed today by the children’s poetry skills. They have planned and perfected their own poems of what makes Newdale such a wonderful place to learn. Keep an eye out for the incredible vocabulary choices and use of repetition and relative clauses.

Home Learning for next week

Dear Parents/Carers,

Given the current number of absences, please see the attached document which provides a range of suitable activities for your child to work through so as to maintain solid progress.

We wish any home learners all the best and would love to see you uploading regularly onto the Y5 homework blog.

Kind Regards,


The Year 5 Team

WC 27 09 21

Rowan + Evie

Although both are isolating they decided to face time each other and share the facts they found of their chosen USA landmark

Circus Workshop

Year 5 were lucky enough to have a circus workshop today where they practised balancing a feather, juggling, plate spinning, tight-rope walking and more!

Self-isolation tasks

Dear Parents/Carers,

In the unfortunate event that your child has to self-isolate at home, it has been suggested that they continue to produce work across the curriculum if they are well enough. As teachers will be unable to provide supervision, the following sites have been suggested to ensure that your child can continue to make progress from home:

We are currently focusing on Place Value and mental maths in Maths, diary and narrative writing in Literacy, USA Geography, Materials and their Properties in Science and Sikhism in RE. The Oak Academy link has fantastic video lessons alongside little quizzes and short, yet engaging tasks.

Alongside these sites, the children should read daily for c. 20 minutes using bug club and they could also practise spellings using Ed Shed. Pupil logins are noted in reading diaries.

Should your child wish to challenge themselves, they may wish to create projects around these questions:

What is each of the states in the USA famous for?

Which musicians play “Blues” and what are their best songs?

Which substances in the kitchen will dissolve in water?

Who was Guru Nanak and why do Sikhs still remember him?

If you were given £100, how could you invest it wisely to make more money?


We hope that this will provide enough to keep your child stimulated and ensure that they feel confident about their return to school.


Kind regards,


The Year 5 Team