Finding a baby bird

Whist getting ready for school this morning, Alejandro went out to feed the birds. He found a baby bird hopping around the garden so picked it up before a cat could get it. He gave it some water and put up on a ledge, in the shade, so that it’s parents can come and get it. Holding the little bird has made Alejandro’s morning, I’m sure he’ll be telling you about it at school later 😄

Freddie W

Healthy lifestyles week. Apologies for the late blog post Freddie did lots of stuff for Healthy lifestyle week but wanted to show you his garden and how much stuff he is growing in his garden. He has lots of vegetables and also some apples

Day 4 – Fynn

Fynn combined his visit to the pub for tea with his Nanny and his exercising tonight! He showed off some great skills across the ropes in park!