Newdale’s BeSMART Song…

As you all know, at Newdale we follow the BeSMART code. Well now, we have a BeSMART song that Miss Jones has kindly written for us! All of the children have been introduced to the lyrics to our very own song in assembly today and loved it!

Over your half-term break, please practise our lyrics and enjoy a sing song at home. You can impress your classes with how much you know when you return.

The song is sung in the tune to Shotgun, by George Ezra. Please find below the lyrics and the link to a karaoke backing track.

Get singing Newdale! 🎵


George Ezra – Shotgun (Karaoke Version) – YouTube

Year 3 – Work for those at home

Good Afternoon,

We have got a few pupils isolating in Year 3 so we wanted to share some activities that you could do at home, if you feel up to it! Of course, if you are feeling unwell we don’t expect you to be doing work and we just want you to get better!


We have been learning about narrative writing. We have been writing adventure stories, based on The Butterfly Lion. Last week, you wrote a story about the lion’s adventures out on the African Savannah. This week, we are going to be planning and writing our Chance To Shine writing. It will be based on the lion’s adventures when he goes off to the circus. Can you plan and write your own chapter based on this adventure?

Remember, our key features are:

Setting description, Interesting Vocabulary, Prepositions, Expanded Noun Phrases, Direct Speech, Paragraphs, Title


Please keep up with your daily reading. Remember, this can be both reading a book from school or home and reading on Bug Club. Keep a record of what you read in your communication diary so that we can see what you have been up to.

We will be finishing out class text this week. Please find attached a copy of ‘The Butterfly Lion’. You can read from page 39 – 80 (the end of the story) over the next week. Please note, in class an adult reads this text to the children so we wouldn’t expect you to read all of this at home on your own. Perhaps you could enjoy a chapter a night as a bedtime story.

The Butterfly Lion PDF


  •  Write 4 facts that you have learned about the old lady? (In Chapter: Strawbridge)
  • Can you use a dictionary to find the meaning of the word ‘companion’? Draw a picture to represent it and use it in a sentence.  (In Chapter: And All’s Well).


Weekly spellings are posted on the website each week so that you can practise them at home.


This week, we will be practising our times tables in schools. Please spend time on Times Table Rockstars this week to practise recalling your tables at speed – specifically the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

You could also play Hit the Button:

Science: This week in Science we are learning about magnetic and non magnetic materials. If you have a magnet at home, then please find some objects to test. Record your results on a little chart. Can you think of a conclusion after all your investigating? Were all the magnetic objects metal? Were all metals magnetic? Were all non metal objects non magnetic? Let us know your findings in a couple of sentences.

Have fun investigating!


In RE this week, we are going to be learning about some of the Christian symbols.

Can you use Kiddle ( to research what each of these symbols represents?

You could also make your own Dove Symbol by following the instructions below. You don’t need to print the template – you can draw your own!

Make your own dove symbol


Last week, we learnt about email. We used 2Email on PurpleMash to send emails to our teachers. Can you log into PurpleMash to send an email to your class teacher? Perhaps you could tell them what you found out about each of the Christian symbols above.

If you have any questions, or we can be of any further support, please contact us at the Year 3 email address. (

Many thanks,

Year 3 Team

Zach’s achievement!

For HLW yesterday Zach went to his first grading at Tae Kwon-do.
We are so proud as tonight at training he found out he passed his first grading with a plus pass. 😁