Code Club – Pong

Today in Code Club we followed a tutorial to create a game inspired by Pong which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year! The children added variables to show the score increasing, Game Over screens and other features to entertain or challenge any gamer.

Star Coder this week was Kyron in Y5 for his resilience. He showed excellent logic and evaluation skills to help him debug his algorithm.

Code Club Week 2

Well done to the Code Club today for creating games where you had to find and click a sprite to open up the next level. Advanced coders were able to modify the code, sprite and backgrounds and add in a variable that counted the amount of time it took to complete the game.


Star Coder this week was Brandon!

Wonderdome Experience

Today pupils from Y5 and Y6 were lucky enough to enter a planetarium inflated in the school hall. They had the chance to watch immersive videos about the solar system and potential life forms in other galaxies before asking questions to a Space expert. This really helped spark the children’s imaginations and helped them retrieve learning from the Year 5 Space unit of Science.

Code Club Session 1

What a fantastic start to Code Club today! The children logged created log-ins to Scratch by using the QR scanners on the Chromebooks. They programmed projects based on a sample code and many children put their own creative spin on this. My particular favourite was from our Coder of the Week, Soumil, who created an animated baseball themed story which you can see below.

I also loved Niamh’s safari scene, Evie’s space code and Travis’ complex code involving colour changes, sounds and movements. We discussed how to add “events” to make actions start within our programs. The children worked really well to tinker and modify their programs and debug when necessary.ย  (Click “See inside” to find out how to run the sequence)


Newdale’s BeSMART Song…

As you all know, at Newdale we follow the BeSMART code. Well now, we have a BeSMART song that Miss Jones has kindly written for us! All of the children have been introduced to the lyrics to our very own song in assembly today and loved it!

Over your half-term break, please practise our lyrics and enjoy a sing song at home. You can impress your classes with how much you know when you return.

The song is sung in the tune to Shotgun, by George Ezra. Please find below the lyrics and the link to a karaoke backing track.

Get singing Newdale! ๐ŸŽต


George Ezra – Shotgun (Karaoke Version) – YouTube

Choir Young Voices Online Resources

Dear Choir,

Congratulations on making such a positive start to Choir Club. Your enthusiasm has been fantastic and we have loved starting to get to grips with the vast array of music! You should now have a paper copy of the lyrics.

To practise at home, you can visitย and type in the password: YV2021

This will give you access to the lyric videos as well as the fantastic dance tutorials.

Choir members who come prepared will be given extra house points!

Mr Banfield

Y6 Books

Hi Y6,

Please can you all bring a sturdy bag (e.g. a supermarket bag for life style) into school tomorrow so your books can be taken home?

Could you all also have a good look around your houses / bedrooms / under the beds (!) for any school reading books that may need returning.

We are very much looking forward to spending our last two days with you all…

See you tomorrow, Mrs T and Miss C ๐Ÿ“•๐Ÿ“’๐Ÿ˜Š