Ladybugs Art Day 🎨🐞

We’ve had an amazing day making the most of art day today!

This morning we did some BIG painting, we had a big long sheet of bright paper with lots of paint, rollers, brushes, and we even used our feet and hands. They children were in our forest school all in one suits and was allowed to get as messy as they liked. They absolutely loved every moment! As you can probably see from the photos and small video below 😂🐞

Art day in Mighty Oaks

Who knew we had so many mini artist in nursery! Today has been a fun filled creative day. The children have used all different types of medias and materials. Some of the work is going towards our next theme returning back in September and other masterpieces are coming home to you soon.

Mighty Oaks sports day

Well done to everyone who took part in our sports day today, it was a great success! The children have been practicing hard and it showed. Thank you to all those that came to watch, I know it’s not easy to get time away from your busy days. Go Mighty Oaks 👏🏻⭐️

School Fayre – Tuesday 28th June

The nursery will be having a dress down day on Monday 27th June to help support the school fayre.  Please  could we kindly ask for a contribution of a cake to sell on the  ‘Nursery Cake Stall’. The fayre will be held on Tuesday 28th June at 3.30pm, looking forward to seeing you there !

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