Reception Lost Property

As you can see, now it is late spring, we are experiencing both warm and wet weather. Because of this, the children are taking jumpers and cardigans on and off more frequently. Please can you help us by ensuring that their uniform and PE kits are labelled with their name so that we can easily and quickly partner up clothes again with the right person. It can be quite a challenge to man the doors at home time and search for lost belongings at the same time.
We try to encourage the children to hang their jumpers on their peg or the back of their chairs when they take them off, so we would appreciate if you remind them to do this too.
Many thanks,

The Reception Team.

The Big Ask survey

The Children’s Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza has launched a once-in-a-generation review of children’s lives.

It’s called ‘The Childhood Commission’ and it will identify the barriers preventing children reaching their full potential and propose policy solutions to address them.

At its heart is ‘The Big Ask’ – the largest ever consultation held with children.

In this survey the Children’s Commissioner is asking children and young people what they think is important for their future and what is holding young people back. The Children’s Commissioner will use what children and young people tell her to show the Government what they think and what they need to live happier lives.  Please follow the link below in order to complete the survey, thank you.

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