Friday 23rd February, 2024

Year 4 Times Tables

In Year 4, we are all working really hard to learn all of the times tables up to 12 x 12. Today, the children have received their latest heat map from Times Tables Rockstars. Eight of the children in Miss McCullagh’s class have managed to turn their whole heat map green! We are so proud of the hard work they have been putting in to learning their multiplication facts!

Who will be next to ‘Go Green’?

Friday 23rd February, 2024

Achievement Assembly

This week everyone settled brilliantly back into school after the half term break. Another great week full of proud teachers trying to nominate their classes for the BeSMART cup…

BeSMART Cup winners who will have a special treat next week: Miss McCullagh’s year 4 class for an outstanding first week back in school – including when we had special visitors in our classroom. They have made all their adults very proud with their effort and independence. School has been very enjoyable for us all!

Attendance winners this week – Gertie and Omar will join them next week in class and they will all enjoy an extra playtime:

KS1 winners are Miss Buckingham’s year 1 class with an amazing 100%

KS2 winners are Mr Jackson’s year 5 class with an amazing 100%

Achievers of the week:

Year 6 achievers: Rossi for fantastic effort and good progress in maths and Freddie for coming back to school motivated to learn.

Year 5 achievers: Emilio for showing a good attitude to learning this week. Harlan for super literacy work and having the right attitude to learning.

Year 4 achievers: Jesse for coming back to school with a fantastic attitude and being an excellent role model to his peers this week. George for great enthusiasm and a positive attitude to learning.

Year 3 achievers: Iris for making excellent progress when telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Ben for conquering telling the time to 5 minutes and showing his true BeSMART behaviours!

Year 2 achievers: Coby for being such an enthusiastic and positive member of the class. He certainly makes school enjoyable for others as a kind-hearted, caring pupil. Corban for constantly making us smile, laugh and proud with his infectious smile and giggle. His effort in all lessons is wonderful.

Year 1 achievers: Zion for always being enthusiastic with her learning and radiating positivity through the classroom! Stefanie for always working hard in the classroom and being an excellent role model to her peers.

Readers of the week – these children were entered into our weekly reading raffle:

Year 6 readers: Lacey for her extra effort over half term and Isobelle for consistently reading 5 times.

Year 5 readers: Amelia for her great reading over half term and continued effort this week.  Freddie for impressing with his brilliant effort to improve.

Year 4 readers: Elliott for outstanding speed reading! Mrs Everall’s reader was chosen for consistently reading at least 3 times a week.

Year 3 readers: Rosie for reading throughout the holidays. Esmae for super comments and drawings in her reading diary

Year 2 readers: Jake for his increased reading at home, even when ‘he is feeling tired’. Super effort! Lucas for his wonderful efforts in reading and improvements in RWI.

Year 1 readers: Muna for consistently reading and writing detailed comments each day and Emily for reading three times at home this week! Miss Hill’s reader was chosen for doing fantastic reading with Mrs Pool, our volunteer reader.

Friday 23rd February, 2024

Costume Swap Shop for World Book Day

Here’s how it works…

  1. Bring any costumes which you wish to donate into school via your child’s class teacher by Monday 26th February. Your child’s class teacher or teaching assistant will make a note of who donates and how many costumes.
  2. You will receive a ticket which entitles you to select one costume from the swap shop at a later date (once we have received all donations and set it up for you).
  3. If you wish to donate any additional costumes, we would be extremely grateful for this, but please note that you will not receive more than one ticket -instead you will be entered into a raffle to win a £10 voucher to show our appreciation.

NB Any additional costumes donated may be gifted to those children who have been unable to donate but might otherwise go without. We want every child to have a new (to them) costume this World Book Day 😊

  1. Visit the “swap shop” (in The Den -accessible from the playground) for your child’s year group at either 8.30 or 3.15 on the following days. If you are unable to attend with your child, please make a note in your child’s diary and we will ask an adult to take them to the swap shop that lunchtime. You will need to take your ticket with you!


Reception/ Year 1                            Tuesday 27th February

Year 2/ Year 3                                     Wednesday 28th February

Year 4/ Year 5                                     Thursday 29th February

Year 6                                                    Friday 1st March


Children can wear their new costumes on World Book Day, which is Thursday 7th March.

Tuesday 20th February, 2024

Uniform Donation Plea !

The inclusion team are a little short on spare uniform. In particular we need:

  • School trousers in any size (girls or boys)
  • Joggers in any size
  • Black or grey socks
  • Trainers and school shoes in fair condition

If you have any that you wish to donate, please can you pass them to us. Alternatively, if you have borrowed any pieces of uniform, please can we ask that you return them.


Many thanks

Tuesday 20th February, 2024

World Book Day

This year’s World Book Day will take place on Thursday 7th March. Across the school, children will take part in many book-related activities.

Due to the success of our last Book Swap Day, we will once more run a second-hand book swap shop. Children who bring in a book that they no longer want can swap it for another second-hand book on the day (books in good condition only please).

As usual, we are all looking forward to seeing your child dressed up in costume as one of their favourite book characters. Bring their favourite book to share with others too. The World Book Day website has lots of ideas on how to do this with as much or as little effort as you would like. There are some excellent ideas to get you started: Dressing Up – World Book Day

However, children are equally welcome to come to school in their pyjamas all ready for a bedtime story if they prefer – just remind them to bring their favourite bedtime story book too!

Your child will receive a £1 book token to spend on a FREE book, or to save £1 on another full price book of their choice. Full details are available at www.worldbookday.com where you can see the fabulous books that are on offer this year.

World Book Day is a super event to celebrate reading, but reading to and with your child is important every single day to ensure your child can learn to their fullest potential. We would love to see photos of you reading with your child – please stick them into your child’s reading diary if you can!

Tuesday 20th February, 2024

Site Survey

Dear Parent/Carer

Keeping children, parents, staff and visitors safe is incredibly important to us here at Newdale Primary School and Nursery. As part of our site security risk assessment, we are asking parents for their views on our current site security. As you know, we are always looking for ways to make our school even better and parent surveys are a big part of this process.

Survey link: https://forms.gle/j92mHcaNcK9S3Kya8


Please complete the survey by Wednesday 21st February 2024.

Many thanks

Miss Cook

Friday 9th February, 2024

Achievement Assembly

We have reached the end of a short, but no less busy half term! This week the children learnt about being safe online on Safer Internet Day, Year 3 went to Enginuity, Year 5 had a superb trip to Harry Potter Studios and Year 1 had a drama workshop for The Great Fire of London where they wowed our visitors with their historical knowledge.

Have a wonderful half term and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 20th February.

BeSMART Cup winners who will have a special treat in the first week back after half term: Miss Buckingham’s class for following the BeSMART code independently during assemblies (nominated by Miss Marshall). Miss Buckingham was also proud of her class for being resilient when they find things tricky and always being super caring for each other and the teachers.

Attendance winners this week – Gertie and Omar will join them next week in class and they will all enjoy an extra playtime:

KS1 winners are Mrs King’s Y2 class with 97%

KS2 winners are once again Mr Banfield’s Y3 class with 98%

Achievers of the week:

Year 6 achievers: Alfie for being inquisitive and showing enthusiasm in our lessons. Harry for his effort and hard work in maths.

Year 5 achievers: Mr Mcfarland’s achiever has been chosen for always setting the right example and behaving well. Noah for his amazing handwriting in his Chance to Shine this week.

Year 4 achievers: Jake for making a fantastic torch in our DT lessons and sharing his brilliant skills with others. Kian for excellent division work this week!

Year 3 achievers: Kaius for rightly so, being proud of his wonderful work this week. Logan for creating excellent shape poems about animals.

Year 2 achievers: Alex for including lots of detail and geographical facts in his postcard from Alice Springs. I was blown away with all that he remembered. Lexi has shown improvements across all subjects, she is becoming more independent when working and focusing on her presentation. She’s very proud of herself and so are we.

Year 1 achievers: Ollie for working hard with all his writing this week, using exciting vocabulary and writing with supersonic speed! Isabel for her wonderful diary entry about Samuel Pepys. She used wonderful vocabulary and a range of SPAG features.

Readers of the week – these children were entered into our weekly reading raffle:

Year 6 readers: Miss Jones’ reader was chosen for always happily completing her full complement of reads and Amari for consistently reading 5 times a week

Year 5 readers: Diya Nair for reading five times this week even though so was feeling poorly.  Mr Mcfarland’s reader was chosen for working hard on reading independently and developing a great love of books.

Year 4 readers: Maddy for being an absolute superstar with her home reading this week. Charlie for excellent listening in our Guided Reading sessions.

Year 3 readers: Boden for consistently reading at home. Eliza for reading every day and writing lovely comments about her cat stories.

Year 2 readers: Jacob for consistently reading at home and starting to talk to us about what he has read. Poppy  for consistently reading, writing fantastic comments and it support her incredible writing.

Year 1 readers: Zorawar for reading consistently at home and improving his fluency. Sofia for reading lots at home.