Newdale Vision Statement

Our vision statement sets out our vision for Newdale Primary School and Nursery for the next academic year.  If you would like to comment on our proposed vision statement for 2024-2025, then please complete the Google Form below by Wednesday 24th July 2024.

Many thanks


Safeguarding, Health & Safety Committee Update

Governors observed the annual innvacution and were impressed with the speed in which children got into their classrooms.

ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) report was analysed thoroughly, and governors had the chance to look first hand outside at items listed and share their thoughts.

Governors were delighted to speak to a parent in the meeting who receives excellent support from school. Governors are looking forward to seeing the opening of the new hub provision and talking to the children during the autumn term.

Finance and Personnel Committee Update

The Finance and Personnel Committee met last week and discussed the highly positive quality of Nursery provision along with Nursery future plans. They received an update on the SEND provision across the school and spent time reading the parent comments, analysing and creating an action plan following the recent parent survey feedback. Governors would like to thank parents for finding the time to fill a survey in. Governors were delighted in the widespread positivity highlighted throughout the survey by parents. They would also like to reassure parents that each and every single comment was read and where appropriate actions planned. 

Parent Survey Feedback

Parent Survey Feedback For Parents Summer 2024

Thank you to all the parents and carers who completed a survey- we
had a total of 190 responses! We value your views on our school and
are always striving to ensure we are providing the best learning
experience for our children. Within this feedback, you will read some of
the comments shared by parents and carers, as well as extra
information about Newdale and our next steps linked to this feedback.

Year 6 Water Battle

Dear Parents/Carers,

Our water battle will be at the end of the day tomorrow. The children will not need to bring spare clothes as they can just go straight home afterwards, but you may want to have some spare clothes waiting for them.


Year 6 Team

Yr 6 Leavers Assembly

Reminder form message sent out 20.06.2024 by Mrs Arthurs & Miss Jones

Friday 19th July – Leavers Assembly – 2pm.
For their final farewell, year 6 will be hosting an awards ceremony, distributing awards to peers who they have voted for in class. The assembly will begin at 2.00pm and there will be an opportunity for photographs to be taken at the end. The children can bring in smart clothing (such as their prom outfit), if they wish to change into this before the event, however this is not compulsory.
We would also please ask for each child to bring in a strong plastic bag to school from Monday 8th July onwards, so that they can bring home their books from this year.
Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs Arthurs and Miss Jones