Development Plan

Key Targets 2021 – 2022

Main whole school targets:

SDP KEY TARGETS 2021—2022 (Ongoing review through RAP)

  • Curriculum – To upskill staff on new terminology: substantive and disciplinary knowledge; and embed reviewed curriculum offer; work on retrieval strategies to ensure more consistency in pupil retrieval and reflection – pupils to confidently present what they know, understanding what helps them remember, to a range of stakeholders. (Shifting learning from the short term to the long term memory: knowing more, remembering more.) Children able to articulate purpose of learning objectives and success criteria and how they improve their work.
  • Writing – To increase progress and raise attainment in writing across the school. Year end ARE Yr 1: 76%, Yr 2 70%, Yr 3: 80%, Yr 4: 77%, Yr 5: 75%, Yr 6: 79%. – Upper KS 2 gender focus ARE Yr 5 68% vs 88%, Yr 6 59% vs 91% – Lower KS PPG focus ARE Yr 2 43% vs 86%, Yr 3: 36% vs 78%
  • Phonics and Spelling – To ensure a smooth transition from Letters and Sounds to Read Write Inc phonics scheme with all staff trained to allow consistency and high impact. Data year end: Year 1 76% PPG 36% vs non PPG 89% Spelling – Successful relaunch of RWI spelling in KS2.
  • EYFS – To carry out a full curriculum review (including assessment systems) in line with the new framework and embed.
  • Subject leaders- Subject leaders to coach and model their subject to the whole school and nursery.
  • Ensure the behaviour at play time and lunchtime remains consistent and positive. Regular Lunchtime Supervisor training, investment in resources and monitoring by SMT.
  • Inclusion Team – Implements a wider range of preventative approaches / intervention methods to include all stake holders e.g. parents and pupils.
  • Equality and diversity – To ensure that equality and diversity are taken into account in all we do and that we recognise that each person has different circumstances and that we allocate the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome (equity).

Vital Few SDP 2021-22 Feb 22 review