SEN – Accessibility



Newdale provides a fully accessible environment for those children with physical needs. The site itself has a number of levels, but all of these are joined by ramps rather than stairs, making it very wheelchair friendly. There are 5 disabled toilets situated at a variety of points throughout the school, meaning that one is never too far. Each of these is fitted with grab bars. All of the classrooms are large and organised to suit the needs of the class. The rooms are well lit, ventilated and are engaging for the children. Our school has a hearing induction loop in both the hall and class base 3. All signs are high contrast and in Braille to aid children / visitors with visual difficulties.
The school is also lucky to have a “Rainbow Room”. This room is furnished with comfortable seating, play tents and bean bags. It also features dim lighting and fairy lights. There are also a number of toys in the room aimed at focusing and relaxing the children. This provides an excellent space for children to calm down and refocus, if they are finding the classroom environment challenging. In addition to this, the school also has a “Family Room” which is often used by the school’s Nurture Group.
The playground features a number of large tarmacked areas and a gazebo for those who wish to spend their break times more quietly. The playground also features a jungle gym area, which is ideal for helping to develop gross motor skills. In summer 2014, the school invested in and installed an outdoors gymnasium, aimed particularly at children with ADHD and similar difficulties, providing them with an area to burn energy, in a safe environment.