SEN – Interventions


Following the 6 weekly Pupil Progress meetings discussed, it is the job of the school’s SENCo to decide which interventions will be run in each phase for the next half term. The interventions will be selected depending on the needs of the children with SEND in that phase at that time. In some cases, it may be felt appropriate for children to take part in an intervention which is running in a different phase (year group), such a decision will be discussed with parents. The school offers a wide range of interventions, which Teaching Assistants and Teachers are trained in. Some of these are brought in intervention packages (produced nationally), whilst others are bespoke interventions, which have been developed in house to meet the needs of a particular group of children. If an appropriate intervention is not available staff will often develop their own.

Interventions currently available in school include:


For children who need support in Maths:
·         Number Crunchers
·         Rapid Maths
·         Plus 1
·         The Power of 2
·         Springboard Maths
·         Overcoming Barriers

For children who need support in Literacy:
·         Letters and Sounds
·         Chatterbooks
·         Code X
·         Football fun
·         Speed Spellers
·         Toe by Toe
·         Speed Reading
·         Rainbow Readers
·         The Volunteer Reading Programme

For children who need support socially or with their behaviour:
·         Mini Gold
·         Circle of Friends
·         Socially Speaking

For children who need support with their fine/gross motor movement:
·         Write From the Start
·         Fiddly Fun
·         Fun with Movement

For children who need support with their speech and language:
·         ELKLAN
·         Listen with Lucy
·         Language Land