Led by Miss Clay & Mrs Evans


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At Newdale we aim to inspire all children to reach their full potential. In order to teach our children to be confident and capable mathematicians, we use a range of teaching strategies. Teachers use a wide range of resources to plan exciting and motivating lessons, which address the three aims of the curriculum: Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving.


In Key Stage One and Two the sequence of learning is based on a spiral curriculum approach which involves regularly re-visiting the same mathematical topic over the course of each year. Each time the content is re-visited and the students gain deeper knowledge of the topic.  We teach our children a wide range of written and mental strategies to solve calculations and real-life problems. Our aim is for them to be able to confidently choose the most efficient method when solving problems or calculating the answer to a question. We make maths contextual and help our children to see that maths is all around us, in everyday life. Enrichment and extension lies at the heart of our teaching and we use opportunities such as maths challenge days to fulfil this. We have embedded a set of non- negotiable maths targets to be met by every year group. We feel that the non – negotiables will give children and parents a greater understanding of what the children’s mathematical knowledge and skills should be at a particular age.


In Early Years, we believe that developing children’s understanding of numbers to 10 is critical. In September 2020, Newdale became an Early Adopter school which has resulted in the school taking on the new Early Learning Goals (ELG) and Development Matters objectives.  In Nursery, children receive regular Numbers and Patterns lessons which are adapted to meet the needs of our pupils. The scheme helps children to become familiar with smaller numbers and begin to learn how to subitise numbers to 5. In Reception, this is built on and the children that achieve ELG at the end of Reception will be confident using and applying numbers to 10. To help the children with Problem Solving and Reasoning, the school has implemented a number of strategies to help support mathematical development. These include regular Messy Maths activities which allow children to explore and problem solve using natural objects. Through the use of Maths Storytime, we allow the children to problem solve using the characters and themes in the book. In addition to this, Nursery have introduced snack time activities which allow the children to problem solve in small groups.








Our Maths policy shows our aims and values clearly, please read our current policy on the School Policies page.

Our calculation policy sets out which methods are taught in Newdale and shows how your child will progress in their calculating of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. To read our current calculation policy, please see the School Policies page.

To find out more about how we teach mathematics see your child’s class page.