Physical Education, Games & Sport

Football Team at NewdaleLed by: Miss Jones & Mr Birch

At Newdale we have a big focus on sport and we are lucky to have a school full of very talented athletes!

We offer a very wide variety of mainstream and alternative sports in both our PE sessions and through after school clubs. There are many different teams which attend a wide range of competitions across the county.

Here at Newdale, we are passionate about nurturing the sportsmen and women of tomorrow. The children receive a minimum of 2 hours of Physical Education, which takes the form of Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming and team games. Our sports teaching team are experts in a wide range of sports and teach specialist skills to the pupils in each Physical education lesson.

The teaching of swimming is a high priority at Newdale and we aim for all children should be able to swim 25m by the time they leave us to go onto Secondary School.

Our sports activities extend into a range of extra-curricular clubs, such as Gymnastics, Football, Netball, Street Dance, Dodgeball and Tennis. To find out more about our teaching of Physical education, please see your child’s class page. To find a list of extra curriculum clubs (including non-sporting ones), please see the School Clubs page.

Please read our summary of sporting successes to see how well we are getting on.

Sporting Success Autumn 2022

PE Progression Map 2019-2020

PE Planning overview 2021-2022


The Government is provides funding to provide new, sustainable and substantial primary school sport. You can read more about how we spend this on our sport and PE funding page:

Sport & PE Funding