Reading takes you placesReading: Led by Mrs Thomas & Mr Banfield

We are proud to have a whole school love of reading at Newdale. Each morning, every class across school partakes in ERIC time (Everyone Reading In Class). This is dedicated time for all children to enjoy the books they have chosen and to read without distraction, sharing their progress with the class teacher and teaching assistant. We encourage children to choose books which are interesting and enjoyable but will also ensure that they progress and have a suitable challenge for their age and attainment. From an early age, children are supported in their reading by the use of several different phonetically decodable reading schemes such as Words and Pictures, Pearson (My First Phonics), Project X, Oxford Reading Tree.  All children at Newdale are asked to continue their reading at home and it is expected that they will read five times a week as part of their homework. Both children and parents are invited to record reading in the home/school communication books where there are examples of questions to prompt as children read, and the opportunity for children to write about what they are reading or answer questions based on their book.

Guided Reading takes place daily across school and focuses the children on a wide range of texts. Teachers plan and deliver sessions which focus on key questions to challenge children’s ideas about the texts they are reading and to develop their abilities to deduce, infer and predict what may happen next. To find out which exciting texts your child will be reading, please see your child’s class page.