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A fantastic STEM week 🎖🎖

The Year 1 pupils have all made us so proud this week. They have completed 4 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) challenges over the week and shown incredible determination and resilience with the problems they have faced! We have been so impressed with their inquisitive minds and are sure we have some budding engineers in our class!

Bridge Blunder

As part of the technology part of STEM week, year 5 helped Star Bridges create a bridge which wouldn’t bend and sway. They used their knowledge from our design and technology unit, where we have looked at a range of different bridges and their features, to design sturdy bridges of their own! They tested the strength of the bridges using weights.

Update for Miss Broadhurst’s class



Dear Parents/Carers of Miss Broadhurst’s class,


We have just been informed of another positive case in this class. The symptoms being a cough and a sore throat.


It is clear that this particular virus strain is highly transmissible. Luckily our ‘bubble’ system has contained it to just this class, but we are asking you to stick rigidly to the isolation rules which we are sure you are. The only time you are permitted to leave the house is to get a test.


If you are unsure as to what to do should your child begin to show symptoms, this information should be useful –


Fingers crossed no one else becomes ill.


Take care


Miss Cook


How to make a sand castle

The children were challenged to make the best sandcastle for our STEM challenge today. We firstly talked about what we needed and then what order we made it in. We tried dry sand initially and the children decided that it fell down and made a very poor castle. They then suggested that we added water to make the sand stick together. We mixed some water into the sand and the children thought it looked brown and sticky. They decided that wet sand worked much better to make a sandcastle. One child decided that it would be even better if we added more water to the mix, we tried this and we found that really wet sand worked well too. We then added our flags that we made using scissors, glue and sticky tape.

STEM week

We have lots of daily science, technology, engineering and maths activities. Children learn about forces all around them by playing on swings, trikes and cars on ramps. They find out about seasonal changes, growth, life cycles and changes in materials by playing in the mud kitchen and garden. In addition we learn the basics of engineering by building and using construction materials and tools.