Under the sea art

We had a great response to the online creative activity yesterday. Thank you so much for taking part. 🌊🐳🦀🦑🐙 I have really enjoyed seeing their little faces light up when they brought them in to display.

Happy Easter 🐣

Mighty oaks have had so much fun this week making and celebrating all things to do with Easter.

Today we finished the week off by having an Easter egg hunt, dancing and fun games.

Happy holidays everyone from all the team.

World Book Day

Mighty Oaks nursery had a fab time today celebrating World Book Day. We had a mini fashion show to show off all the amazing outfits they came in, as you can see they were very excited about it and telling us all about their favourite books.

Chinese New Year celebrations

Yesterday the children in nursery took part in celebrating Chinese New Year. We talked about the story of the zodiac animals and how the Chinese celebrated this special time. We had fun making lanterns and trying to write in the Chinese way, it was very tricky! For snack the children enjoyed trying a range of foods, we had noodles, curry, sweet and sour dip with spring rolls, yummy 😋

Art day

What a fantastic response to our art day, we seen lots of magnificent art come through the evidence me app. It’s nice to see bright, beautiful paintings, they certainly did make me smile. I love how everyone has chosen to do something different using different mediums and materials, really caught my eye! Some very proud faces on here displaying their wonderful creations for all to see. Keep them coming. 👨🏼‍🎨🧑🏾‍🎨

As most of you are aware now nursery is only open to a hand full of children. For those that have been contacted to stay at home we don’t want you to miss out, Mrs Curnow will be posting daily activities until the 11th on google classroom at 9:30 and a home story at 2:30 (these are recorded so you can access them all day)

Please do not hesitate to call or message us if you need any help or have any questions or queries.

Thank you again Mrs Giordano and all the team.

Home learning

More and more evidence of fantastic home learning going on with Mighty Oaks children.

There’s all sorts of activities going on, I’m so pleased to see you getting creative and even exploring science ideas and different story endings.

We’re all pleased that you’ve managed to access the online classes and home stories, your children’s responses through evidence me to them have been great. Keep them coming 🥰

Hopefully see you soon

Mrs Giordano and team.

Homeschooling and fun in the snow

Good morning

We’re all still so happy to see evidence of home schooling coming through the evidence me app.

Lots of you have been focusing on your next steps set to you from your key workers. Some beautiful handwriting and reading along side some fabulous maths work, well done all of you.

Here at Mighty Oaks this week we’ve had fun in the snow. We used the snow to mould and build and then we explored ideas the children may of had by testing their theories out. Great fun all round.

Mrs Giordano

A little poem

What better way to start the day. Yesterday’s Home learning observations from Mighty Oaks parents.

What is it about a child

That makes everyone want to smile

Is it the enthusiasm in their play

Or the little words they try to say

Is it the way a child grasps your hand

Or the way they play in the sand

Is it that they are the future of humanity

Or the fact their actions attack our sanity

A Child makes the adult world brighter

A child makes the seriousness of the moment lighter

A child makes us remember the innocence of the life

When things are carefree without all the strife

Sometimes, life It’s difficult to face. But with a child, the world is a better place.

Home learning Ladybugs and Mighty Oaks

There’s nothing better than free resources to teach with and nature with all its elements has given us just that!

It’s Snow day ❄️☃️ how exciting.

So today’s suggested activities would be get outdoors and have some fun. There’s so much that can come from just talking about weather and it’s changes. Asking your child questions about what’s happened, happening or how it feels can increase their communication and language skills whilst experiencing sensory play. Their little minds when actively exploring will be thinking all sorts, areas of learning that we would be questioning them on or observing.

For example science and maths predictions ( how cool is science)

. What would happen if we added some warm water ?

. If it melts can you freeze it again ?

. Is that snow ball bigger or smaller than that one?

. How could you make it smaller or bigger?

. Do I need more snowballs or less to get to 5, if I have 3 here in my bucket?

I’ve created some photos just for some little ideas to look at.

Being creative with nature is always a fascinating thing to see. That’s see the future da Vinci’s amongst you🧑🏻‍🎨 👨🏾‍🎨

. Can you do a painting in the snow ?

. Can you use sticks, stones, leaves to decorate your snow picture?

. If you brought out your toys, I wonder what foot prints or patterns they make ?

. Can you make a home or den for the toys to play in ?

I’m pretty sure you don’t need me to tell you this, I’ve seen the evidence that proves to us all, that already you’re doing an amazing job!

I think some of you are after my job

Enjoy the day from Mrs Giordano ❤️❄️

Home learning

Good morning all

Today Nursery is going ahead with a reading of Rosie’s walk at 2:30 on google classrooms,( fingers crossed 🤞🏻) please see your child’s evidence me parent share or an email from your child’s key worker for information about how to log on.

Today’s next steps challenge will be to see if your child can recall the story back to you.

For example;

Can they tell you about the characters or what happened to them?

Can they suggest a different ending perhaps ?

Also please see your child’s individual next steps set on the evidence me app for ideas. But remember there’s no pressure to do so. We know how hard it is for you especially parents working from home themselves. So have a cheeky dvd/ film night and snuggle up to your little ones and relax. ❤️

Wow children you stepped up to the challenges set to you yesterday,Amazing responses! from both our Lady Bugs room and Mighty Oaks. You’ve been working hard it’s clear to see.

So again let’s smile at these photos because not only do you look like your enjoying it, I see we’ve had a few celebrations 🎉 like birthdays and a newborn 👶 congratulations to Joshua and family your little brother Brody looks very happy having a cuddle.