Year 5 Spellings w/e 08.01.21

Please complete your spellings by typing on the google doc to practise them or printing the sheet out and handwriting them as you usually would.

There are additional activities for you to complete to help you learn them as we would in class.

Test yourself or ask a family member to test you on these ‘ee sound spelt ei’ spellings on Friday 15th January.

Week 2ee spelt ei

Week 2 -ei

Year 5 Home Learning 06.01.21

Hello year 5,

This is the plan for 06.01.21:

Guided Reading
Literacy – video to start at 9:30
Maths – video to start at 11:00
Geography (when you select the document it will say open in google docs at the top. Select this if you are going to label the counties onto the sheet by typing)
Then take some time in the afternoon to log on to TTRS and get rocking on that tournament!

They are all in their associated folders under the classwork tab. There are likely going to be some issues with the video meet at the beginning as we get used to things. Be patient and the adults will do their best to resolve any problems. Remember you must have your microphone off in order for my microphone to work well.

When you have completed your work please select the ‘turn in’ button. This will hand you work in. It automatically tells us that you have completed work, so there is no need to write a comment telling us that you have as we will already know :)

If you have done any reading, please add this to your online reading diary as we would like to see what you are reading at home!

Keep working hard!

Year 5 Team

Information for Home Learning Year 5

Good morning year 5,

We know that this is a strange situation to once again find ourselves in. Our main priority is ensuring that you are happy, healthy and safe. We have uploaded some work for you to complete today:
Guided Reading
Then take some time in the afternoon to read a book from home independently or use Fiction Express.

They are all in their associated folders under the classwork tab (at the top of the screen).

We will upload an information sheet on how to use Google Classroom.

Google classroom information

From 10:30-11:30 we will be having a google meet (video) to explain how things will work from tomorrow. The link will only appear on the top banner underneath the class code when we press it to become visible, so you won’t be able to see it yet:

Please remember that you have all of the logins that you need in your reading diary. All of the adults are in school today, so we may be a little slower to respond.

Our main port of call is now going to be Google Classroom (GC). We appreciate that you became very confident using PurpleMash but this is going to allow us to live mark your work and provide you with learning as close to the type of learning we could achieve in school. If you do send messages on PurpleMash it will take us a while to reply as we will be monitoring Google Classroom. You can use the stream to ask questions on GC. We also have a year group email address that parents can contact us on:

Thank you for your support.

Year 5 Christmas Homework

We would like you all to have a wonderful Christmas!

Here are some activities that you could complete:
Spend time with your family
Help your family around the house
Bake some Christmas goods
Create some artwork.

As ever, it is important for the children to continue to practise their times tables and reading. Please also continue to complete your moon diary over the next month. There are still Christmas activities on Google Classroom, or you could log into PurpleMash and choose something from there too.

Have a wonderful break!

The year 5 team

Spellings for the final week of term

This week, we will assess the children on the Jumping Orange words which they have had plenty of time to practise.


For homework, we would like each child to keep a moon diary which will take moments each day. Everyday, at the same chosen time, we would like the children to look up at the moon and draw it onto the sheet. If the weather is cloudy, then simply draw clouds! Hopefully they will begin to notice that the moon is ever changing. Week 7 jumping orange


Should your child wish to continue their investigation of the moon, they could produce a fact file or poster showing off their own research.


Here are a few good starting points for research:

Explore the moon using Google Moon! –

For those self-isolating

If your child is having to self-isolate at home, resources to maintain good attainment and progress are being sent out via Google Classroom under the “Self-Isolation” section under “Classwork”. Please see the attached guide which will help your child access the Google Classroom from a device.

Google classroom information

Please feel free to use the blog to showcase pictures of your work from home and get in touch if you need further support. You could email the Y5 team on


Thank you for your continued support.

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