Choir Young Voices Online Resources

Dear Choir,

Congratulations on making such a positive start to Choir Club. Your enthusiasm has been fantastic and we have loved starting to get to grips with the vast array of music! You should now have a paper copy of the lyrics.

To practise at home, you can visit and type in the password: YV2021

This will give you access to the lyric videos as well as the fantastic dance tutorials.

Choir members who come prepared will be given extra house points!

Mr Banfield

I am a Newdaler

We have been amazed today by the children’s poetry skills. They have planned and perfected their own poems of what makes Newdale such a wonderful place to learn. Keep an eye out for the incredible vocabulary choices and use of repetition and relative clauses.

Year 5 Choir

Dear Parents/Carers,


We are really pleased to announce that Year 5 Choir Club (Young Voices) will be going ahead tomorrow after school until 16:15.

We cannot wait to get stuck into learning all the fantastic music for January’s concert!

Further information will be sent out soon with regards to parent/carer tickets and t-shirts.


Kind regards,


Year 5

RSHE Consent

Dear Parents/Carers,


Please ensure that you have provided your consent for your child to receive RSHE learning this year. This focuses on age appropriate education surrounding relationships, sex and health. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Here is the link to provide your consent to this important education.


Kind regards,


Year 5

Home Learning for next week

Dear Parents/Carers,

Given the current number of absences, please see the attached document which provides a range of suitable activities for your child to work through so as to maintain solid progress.

We wish any home learners all the best and would love to see you uploading regularly onto the Y5 homework blog.

Kind Regards,


The Year 5 Team

WC 27 09 21

Which substances are soluble in water?

The children tested a variety of powdered substances to see if they would dissolve in water. This is a great experiment to try at home. Simply mix water and powders from your kitchen cupboards (e.g. salt/pepper/flour) and see if the substance appears to disappear into the water without leaving lumps. It should still be a liquid to be soluble.


Autumn Nature Walk

This morning the Y5s have been out and about observing nature closely. We have walked along the hedgerow habitat, collected minibeasts and are now beginning to identify the leaves which we have collected. The children are using keys alongside their close observation to make educated guesses as to what they have found.

From notes to chords

Today in Music, the children learnt about the 12 bar blues which is a pattern of chords. A chord is made up of two or more notes played at the same time. Triads are chords made up of three notes. The children simultaneously played the notes C, E and G to create a C chord and practised playing to different tempos.


If you are at home, why don’t you have a look for famous songs which use the 12 bar blues?