Monday 9th March, 2020

Pizza Family Lunch- Thursday 26th March

Following on from our successful Fish and Chip Family Lunch we have decided to continue these events with a Pizza Family Lunch on Thursday 26th March (as mentioned in our Spring Important Dates).

The Pizza Lunch is available for all children to buy as a normal school lunch; you may also buy an adult version for £3.00 – BARGAIN!  You are welcome to bring younger children; a Pizza Lunch will cost them £2.30.

If Pizza isn’t your favourite then why not join in by bringing your own healthy packed lunch!

Please note, no take away food.


Cheese and Tomato Pizza & Potato Wedges with baked beans

Salad Bar / Pasta Salad


Please pay for your Pizza lunch via Parentpay. The closing date to book a lunch is Friday 20th March.

The family lunch will start at 11.45am on Thursday 26th March.

Friday 6th March, 2020

Achievement Awards

Miss Clay’s class- Sophie S for being an absolute pleasure to have in the class. She is always totally engaged with her learning and so enthusiastic. Keep up the great work.

Mrs Thomas’ class- Dylan B for coming up with excellent descriptions and reading well at home.

Mr Banfield’s class- Olivia for being an excellent Newdale and British citizen. She always follows the SMART code and has reflected beautifully on the British Values this week.

Miss Myler’s class- Miley for consistently producing brilliant work in all subjects.

Miss Macfarlane’s class- Jessica for having a positive attitude towards World Book Day.

Mrs McLaughlin/ Mrs Pablos’s class- Bella for great SPAG work. Expert at present perfect tense.

Mrs Trevor’s class- Charlotte for always being a positive, smiley member of the class. She is ready to learn and is trying hard with her spellings.

Miss Cullagh’s class- Freddie E for always beingt a happy, polite and enthusiastic member of our class. Freddie always cheers us up and never forgets to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’!

Thursday 5th March, 2020

This year, we have written a story as a whole school!

Every teacher brought an interesting or unusual object to school. One class began the story using that object. The story was then passed to the next class who continued it, incorporating their chosen object. At the end of the day, the completed story was shared with the whole school in our World Book Day assembly.
I hope you enjoy our story – I wonder if you can spot the objects that inspired each part!
Happy reading everyone,
Mrs. Thomas

And so the story begins…

Y6 Mrs. Thomas’ class
As Mina turned the sand timer over, everything around her flipped upside down. The ceiling became the floor; the floor became the ceiling.

Y6 Miss Clay’s class
Unexpectedly, Sassy Sandra came bursting through the door. Mina became alarmed: Sassy Sandra was racing to make a large batch of her signature dish, chicken chow mein. With gravity taking hold, this proved to be a challenge.

Y5 Mr. Banfield’s class
When the room flipped, Mina’s drawers had shuffled open revealing a majestic, fabulous mask. The mask, which came to life suddenly, was drawn to Mina’s face. Sandra noticed her friend beginning to transform.

Y5 Miss Myler’s class
Mina started to turn into a different being and began to look like an exact replica of Sandra. Sandra knew she had to escape but Mina could obviously share her thoughts too. As Sandra turned around, she saw a glossy, gold hot air balloon had appeared. They both leaped for it…

Y4 Miss Macfarlane’s class
Once inside the basket of the hot air balloon, Sandra and Mina realised that they were not alone. Sitting in the corner of the basket was an unusual, old man. In his hand, he held a dreamcatcher. Whilst chanting peculiar words, the man spun the dreamcatcher causing Sandra and Mina to fall into a deep sleep.

Y4 Mr. Jackson’s class
In the dream, the girls met Bob the plastic Tortoise. Bob’s leg was broken, and he described a long journey he had been on. Bob said he was from another dimension. A place where the world was always upside down, nobody could use their frying pans and magic masks transformed people. Bob said the girls needed to complete a quest to save the world from being like this forever.

Y3 Mrs. Pablos’ class
Waking from the dream, the girls noticed a jar of beans glimmering on a crooked shelf. Cautiously, Sandra (or was it Mina?) picked up the jar and suddenly a secret message appeared… Plant me! Eagerly, they planted the beans but instead of sprouting shoots, the roots created mysterious tunnels… which one would they choose?

Y3 Mrs. Trevor’s class
Nervously, Mina slowly strolled into the dark tunnel because she heard the hum of a melody she once heard. When she arrived at the end of the mysterious, glittery tunnel, she could not believe her eyes. In front of her was a golden microphone floating in mid-air. In the blink of an eye she was clutching the golden microphone…

Miss Plimmer’s class
Mina started singing, but Sandra noticed toxic gas coming from another of the tunnels. Luckily, in a world where things are upside down, toxic gas is not poisonous: in fact, it smells delicious! The girls followed the scent whilst clutching the microphone and found a yellow hard box with a mysterious logo on the front…

Y2 Miss Newport’s class
The mysterious, golden, shiny box turned out to be Pirate Jack’s lost treasure chest! Mina knelt down and softly rubbed the outside of the chest. As she did this, a magical, handsome genie appeared in a puff of smoke. Mina jumped back in amazement! The genie began to sing…

Y2 Miss Jones’ class
As the genie sang beautifully, the ground appeared to move. What was that? Unexpectedly, a golden, grumpy figure appeared from a dark tunnel opening.
“Turn it off, you ghastly thing!”
There was an unusual silence.
“You’ve woken me up from many years of sleep. You must never awaken a Pharaoh.”
Without a thought, the Pharaoh cursed helpless Mina: “You will never sing again. Every time you try and sing with that horrible microphone you will cough up a frog”.
Mina looked concerned…

Y1 Miss Hailey’s class
…She loved singing! Looking down, she spotted a mysterious train ticket on the floor. She picked it up. She started to hear a train chuffing and rumbling from far away. It sounded like it was coming very fast….

Y1 Miss McCullagh
Mina could see a big, puff of dark smoke blowing out of a shiny, golden train. Had it come to rescue her from the horrible Pharaoh? Mina began to think that this could be her chance to escape! Suddenly, a tall train conductor stepped off the train.
“Where would like to go Miss,” he asked.
Mina panicked. Where should we go? Where would be safe? Mina thought about her bedroom at home and the jar of sand she kept on her bedside table that she had collected from her favourite place in the world – the seaside!
Mina answered, “The seaside please…”

Reception Miss Taylor’s class
They got off the train at the seaside and walked towards the dark, black, gloomy caves where they heard big deep breaths. Then they saw fire when a red, gold, shiny, scary (and bit friendly!) dragon came out and said, “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!”

Reception Miss Broadhurst
Mina and Sandra began to run very fast but then they heard crying. The dragon was crying because he wanted to be friends and play with them. They cuddled the dragon and wiped his tears away.
The Dragon was very happy so he shared some shiny magic gems he had with his new friends. The gems had magic powers: they grew beanstalks. The beanstalk would take Mina and Sandra wherever they wanted to go. They really wanted to go home to their mummies and daddies. The girls planted the magic gems and climbed the big, green beanstalk all the way back home which took them twelve minutes.

They lived happily ever after.

The end.


Thursday 5th March, 2020

Shropshire Schools Sport Festival- Hockey and Gymnastics

The hockey team did a fantastic job of representing Telford and Wrekin and the Shropshire School Games. They won all 5 of their games comfortably and went on to the final. The end score of the final was 1-1 forcing the game to go to penalty shuffles. We tried our best but were pipped to the post by Prestfelde School.

The gymnastics team did a fantastic job of representing Telford and Wrekin and the Shropshire School Games. The team had to perform a body management routine, a floor routine then on the vault. Newdale came 3rd overall.


Thursday 5th March, 2020

Sports Relief – Friday 13th March 2020

On Friday 13th March we are excited to be supporting Sports Relief.

We are holding a mini event for a few children, along with three schools on The Wrekin.  If your child has been selected you will receive a letter with further information.

For the rest of the school and nursery, we are inviting children to dress in sports wear for a donation.

During the day we will be holding various fun sports events for the children and adults to take part in. Events will include a 1k run, inflatable goals in the hall, ‘stop everything and dance’ along with extra sport lessons. 

We know your children enjoy the events we have planned!

Thank you for your continued support.

Thursday 5th March, 2020

World Book Day

Year six have dressed up as charatcers from Twilight, Skellig, Harry Potter, Fantastic Mr Fox, Gangsta Granny to name a few…

We also have some rather marvellous favourite books including War Horse, Wonder, Skellig, Skullduggery Pleasant, Hunger Games, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and A Monster Calls. Great reading year 6!

Thursday 5th March, 2020

World Book Day 2020

Staff getting into the World Book Day spirit!