Christmas Homework

Christmas Homework

Over Christmas, we would like you to try a few of these lovely activities…

  • Watch a holiday film
  • Bake a yummy treat
  • Eat a yummy treat
  • Wrap up warm and go for a walk
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Read a book
  • Play a game
  • Sing one of our Christmas carol songs

As always, we would like to encourage the children to keep up with their reading and times tables over the holiday. House points are still on offer for the most reads!

Y4 Half Termly Homework Task

Year 4
Half Term Homework

How confident are you at telling the time?

In the spring term, your child will be continuing their learning around telling the time. To ensure your child is confident in their understanding of what they learnt in their previous year group and are ready for their new learning, this half term homework is to help your child progress in telling the time. In year 3, your child learnt to tell and write the time from an analogue clock, including using roman numerals from I to XII, and to use the 12hour and 24-hour clocks. Your child also learnt to estimate and read time with increasing accuracy to the nearest minute; record and compare time in terms of seconds, minutes, hours and o’clock; use vocabulary such as am/pm, morning, afternoon, noon and midnight. They should also know the number of seconds in a minute and the number of days in each month, year and leap year. Your child’s half term task therefore is to secure this learning.

TASK: How many clocks can you find on your travels? Clocks could be found in supermarkets, in the town centre, in your house etc. Take a picture or draw each clock and record what time it shows on a 12 hour digital clock. EXT: tell the time using 24 hour digital clock.


Y4 Spellings and Homework


Please ensure that your child is completing their weekly spelling sheet in their diaries as this will really support them, when learning their spellings.

Next week’s homework: Y4 Homework WE 11.10.19

Nature Walk

If you’re able to support on the Y4 Nature Walk on Wednesday 16th, please can you let a member of the Y4 team know.

Many thanks

Miss Macfarlane and Mr Jackson.

Year 4 Homework

Please find attached homework for next week.

Y4 Homework WE 27.09.19

Please continue to encourage your child to regularly play on Times Tables Rockstars. This will really support them with their speed and accuracy.

Miss Macfarlane’s class- just a reminder that if your child hasn’t already brought in a bigger, old shirt/top, please can they ready for our Junk Modelling project on Friday. Mr Jackson’s class already have enough of these.

Many thanks


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